Make Midterm Voting a Priority

The Nov. 6 Midterm Election is quickly approaching and is expected to be one of the most impactful midterm elections in history. The midterm will not be deciding on a new president, but it will be extremely influential in determining what the president will be able to get passed from his agenda, or what may … Continue reading Make Midterm Voting a Priority


America is Better Than This

It seems to me like this country is no where near becoming “great again.” As a broadcast journalism student, I love watching the news because that’s my dream career and I like being informed on what's going on in the world. I usually don’t have a hard time watching the news, until now. Shootings, Me … Continue reading America is Better Than This

Why I Am Actually Excited to Vote For the First Time

In this year's election, there are very few positive comments about both candidates. I was recently writing an election story in one of my writing classes at my university, where I was having to interview students about this upcoming election and what they thought about it. The majority of students say that they are disappointed that … Continue reading Why I Am Actually Excited to Vote For the First Time