New Year, New Life Update

A new year calls for a new blog post after being MIA on here for a hot minute! Since my last blogpost, I've moved back to the US and started my career. If you follow me on social media, this isn't new news, but if you don't follow me, it's time I catch you up … Continue reading New Year, New Life Update


Cheers to One Year of UK Living

Today marks my one year anniversary of living in the UK, and what a year it has been! I literally can't believe a year ago today I got off the plane with my suitcase and two bags and started a new journey. But it was the best decision I've ever made. Looking back on this … Continue reading Cheers to One Year of UK Living

Settled Into My Own Flat

So so excited to have my very own place in England, and it’s more than I could’ve asked for. Over Christmas break when I finally had time, I started hunting for my own place hoping I would find something before Christmas so I could just relax knowing I would have a place to move into … Continue reading Settled Into My Own Flat

2020 Reflection: An Unpredicted Year

I think it's safe to say 2020 has been uncertain and challenging to say the least. For the world to seem so still due to the pandemic, it has seemed so chaotic all at the same time. While reflecting back on 2020, there were some good things to come from this year for me personally. … Continue reading 2020 Reflection: An Unpredicted Year

Different Type of Thanksgiving, Still Thankful

Too bad England doesn't have Thanksgiving because I have my stretchy pants ready haha! Since England doesn't do Thanksgiving and with the current lockdown rules houses can't mix, this Thanksgiving will be a lot different than pervious years, which I know is the case for a lot of families given the circumstances this year. Even … Continue reading Different Type of Thanksgiving, Still Thankful